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Smash Bandits Racing

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Escape from the police in spectacular chases


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2 जुल. 2015

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Smash Bandits Racing is a driving game in which you step into the shoes of a bandit that has to flee from the police as they chase him non-stop over land and through the air.

In each mission, your goal is to escape from all of the police cars that are trying to chase you down, and there's a lot of them. In addition, along the way you will have to try to cause as much chaos as possible, as this will give you more points.

All of these chases take place in an enormous city that has been perfectly created and which includes streets, alleys, bridges and shortcuts that you have to discover.

The game's graphics are very well done, and you always see them from a top view. The car models are not as impressive as those in other Android games, but the colorful design and the fast-paced action make up for that. In addition, the constant explosions are really spectacular.

Smash Bandits Racing is a very fun racing game that has different gaming modes, a very precise control system, and the quality is good enough to keep you glued to your Android device for hours and hours.

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ऑपरेटिंग सिस्टम
हिन्दी 44 अधिक
Hutch Games
2 जुल. 2015

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1.08.12 9 मई 2015
1.08.08 28 अप्रै. 2014
1.08.07 24 अप्रै. 2014


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